DateCodeGenie Brecknell Portion Scale


By pairing the DateCodeGenie® with the Brecknell Portion Scale, you can design and print custom labels for just about any item. Whether you're weighing products, designing labels, printing branded stickers, tracking waste, or computing costs, the DateCodeGenie gives you the flexibility to do it all. That's because it's more than a scale— it's a weighing and labeling system.

Customize labels to include dynamic, POS-compatible barcodes, price, weight, logos, QR codes, ingredients, & more.

The 10" x 10" 30lb capacity Brecknell Portion Scale with Lbs Display ONLY works with the following DateCodeGenie model types:

DateCodeGenie 2.0

DateCodeGenie X2

DateCodeGenie X22

DateCodeGenie X23

DateCodeGenie Fit

Scale must be certified for NTEP Legal-for-Trade applications by a certified inspector for weights and measures.